Who we are

GP Pharmaceuticals develops unique, innovative products for the over-the-counter (OTC) and consumer product markets in New Zealand and Australia. With a focus on product design and practicality, our aim is to create products that provide effective relief for patients in the most convenient form.


The pharmaceutical industry is one that is continually growing and changing. Therefore there is a constant need for effective products that are less harmful to the body. GP Pharmaceuticals strives to use the most natural and curative ingredients available. We are continually researching the market to identify any potential gaps and attempt to fill them with only the most comprehensive products.


Developed by dedicated and creative pharmacists and health professionals, our line of products will certainly give you the utmost satisfaction.

Business model

Our business model includes sales through our distribution partners nationally and internationally. Our product development is based on innovative product design in such a way that it focuses on ease of use and practicality.


Brands & distributors

Our brands include Ozone Anti-Itch™, Ozone™ Sun care, GP Wound Care™ and Hemorraid™.

We are currently seeking international distributors in different countries. Please contact us for more information.